At Bishops Itchington Primary School, we recognise that we need to provide our children with broad, engaging and memorable experiences through a rich curriculum that maximises cultural capital; this will equip them for their future progression and life choices. 

We provide an educational journey for children from the age of 3 at Ladybirds Pre-School, through to 11 year-olds in our Year 6. We help our pupils to develop individually by exploring their curiosity and giving opportunities to develop and express their own opinions through discussion, collaboration and respecting diversity and difference. We will help children to develop pride in themselves through their work and the way they behave. Teaching will link to previous learning and be progressive: building on skills and linking knowledge. Every child is recognised as a unique individual and their strengths will be admired and encouraged. 

Our teachers and support staff are well-supported and go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure the school provides the best it can for all its pupils. Our teachers are trained in teaching the curriculum and are encouraged to progress into leadership roles, where opportunities allow. The school is supported by the Stowe Valley Multi-Academy Trust; this membership has proved wholly beneficial to our school community because it provides specialist advice, guidance and sharing of skills and knowledge to support our management team and our teachers.

Our school sees itself as a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle for all. We look after the wellbeing of our pupils to ensure they are physically, mentally and emotionally cared for. In the fullness of time, we strive to empower our pupils to take care of themselves by giving them the skills and knowledge to move onto the bigger challenges. We will encourage our children to become valuable members of society by helping them experience the value of their local community and helping them to participate in charitable and caring projects.

We provide enrichment for our pupils throughout our school day. We have clubs that meet at lunchtimes: Running Club, Colouring Club, Games Club, Eco Club. After school we have Football Club, Netball Club, Drama Club and Taekwondo. We strive to provide opportunities for our children to go on trips and visits to enrich their first-hand experiences. We have a Forest School that is greatly enjoyed where the children use natural resources make creations linked to their topics.

Trips are carefully chosen to link topics to learning and always enjoyed by our children. Theatre visits, Black Country Museum, National Space Centre, St. John’s Museum, Roman Forts, Shakespeare, and more. Through our music curriculum, we have drumming and guitar lessons, choir performances and events at the church, within school, and Young Voices.

We also encourage visitors to come into our school: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Rev. Martin Green who plays the guitar and sings with the children; theatre production; The RSC; NSPCC: we like visitors coming to our school.

If you would like to know more about our curriculum, then click on the Curriculum Tab on our website's home page where the Intent, Implementation and Impact for all of our subjects are explained plus details of which skills and what knowledge the children are taught in each subject by year group. 

We are a welcoming and nurturing school and play an important role in our local community.