Who's Who

If you need to discuss something regarding your child's learning, then their class teacher will be happy to support. They can then decide on the best course of action. To arrange a meeting with your class teacher please send a message to the teacher in a note or use the Seesaw App.


Head Teacher 
Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo
Jacky Sykes  

Assistant Head
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Joy Russell

Key Stage 2 Leader
Alyson Paul

SENDCo, Early Help Officer, Early Years Lead
Kelly Jeacock

Ladybirds Managers and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Maxine Taylor and Francoise Longden

Administration Team
Mrs. Shippey - Administrator                                                                                                          Mrs. Kostiuk – Administrator and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. Potter – Senior Administrator

Reception – Balmoral Class Team            
Miss Jeacock – Class Teacher (Monday – Thursday)
Miss Aston – Class Teacher (Friday)
Mrs. Cherington & Mrs. Jones – Teaching Assistants                                                                    Mrs. Hobday - SEN Teaching Assistant                                                              

Year One – Sandringham Class Team            
Mrs. Collen – Class Teacher
Mrs. Buckingham - Teaching Assistant                                                                                            Miss Ward - SEN Teaching Assistant

Year Two – Kensington Class Team
Mrs. Russell - Class Teacher
Mrs. Hughes - Teaching Assistant

Year Three – Windsor Class Team            
Mr. Hyde - Class Teacher                                                                                                                    Mrs. Sparkes - Teaching Assistant                                                                                                    Miss knight, Mrs. Dunkley and Mr. Cherington - SEN Teaching Assistants

Year Four – Holyrood Class Team
Ms. Carolan - Class Teacher
Mrs. Vialette – Teaching Assistant                                                                                                  Mrs. Dunkley and Miss Jones - SEN Teaching Assistants

Year Five – St. James Class Team
Mrs. Costello - Class Teachers                                                                                                            Mrs. Saunders - Class Teacher                                                                                                            Miss Baxter - Teaching Assistant                                                                                                    Mrs. Abbott - SEN Teaching Assistant

Year Six – Buckingham Class Team
Mrs. Daly – Class Teacher (Monday - Thursday) 
Mrs. Saunders – Class Teacher (Friday) 
Mrs. Wines – Teaching Assistant

Ladybirds Nursery
Francoise Longden – Ladybirds' Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead (EYFS Focus)
Maxine Taylor – Ladybirds' Manager, SENDCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Karin Young, Louise Harvey, Hannah Baldwin & Jen Justice - Early Years Practitioners

Buddies Club
Miss Baxter – Buddies Manager
Mrs. Sue Jones & Mrs. Sharon Jones – Buddies Play-workers

Caretaking Team
Tony Cree, Phil Woodhall, Lynn Wheeler & Charlie Cherington

Special Education Needs Support
Claire Hurley – Specialist Teaching Service

Midday Supervisors            
Mrs. Houghton, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Cherington, Miss Ward, Mrs. Dunkley, Miss Knight