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All of our eggs hatched! We have 12 chicks!!

We have twelve eggs in our incubator... the children have been writing about what might happen next!!

We have twelve eggs in our incubator... the children have been writing about what might happen next!!  1
We have twelve eggs in our incubator... the children have been writing about what might happen next!!  2

Easter bonnets

Easter bonnets  1
Easter bonnets  2
Easter bonnets  3

Forest School Fire Fun


Today we went out into the forest area for our snack. We talked about how to be safe if we were to light a fire. We made up rules to follow and sat really nicely waiting to toast our marsh mallows. Because of the slight wind the teachers decided if was safer for them to toast the marsh mallows but we got to eat them!!

Today we went on a welly walk during forest school. We looked for worms and did a worm dance to get the worms to come out! We used magnifying glasses. We also did puddle painting using the water colours and puddles. 

The children loved their time outside today 

Wolves, puddles and worms

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Pancake races

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This week we gave been looking at Burns Night and Chinese New Year. Take a look at us in action in the classroom 

Spring Newsletter Balmoral

Christmas fun and special visits

Fire Engine Fun

this week we have been looking at firefighter and how they help us. Luckily for us the year ones had a visit from the firemen and they were kind enough to let us have a look st their fire engine. 




Taking a Risk! 

In PE this week this week we were thinking about staying safe and taking a risk. The children had to think about how to be safe in the environment. This included the safety of themselves and others as well as feeling safe and in control themselves.  The children had activities in the hall which were all challenging but had an even more cahallenging task next to it. The children could choose which activity they chose and could change their minds at any point. They were amazing during the session and pushed themselves whilst staying safe and in control. The children all encouraged one another and often offered a helping hand to a friend, which was lovely to watch!! 


Well done Balmoral

This week we went on an Autumn Welly Walk.

We had to look for lots of different items with a partner. We were very good and talking and listening to our partners. We founds lots of the items on our list but did not manage to find a squirrel. 

We had lots of fun and also did some great counting when counting out the different amounts of different coloured leaves. 


We have had a really fun week at school with lots going on! On Tuesday we were visited by stagecoach (the theatre school, not the bus company!) to do a workshop on Traditional Tales. We travelled to the land of 'enchantia' where the sky was pink, the floor was yellow and the people were purple! We learned a song about the Big Bad Wolf and made up actions. We then acted out a Traditional Tales Mash Up where lots of our favourite tales came together as one!

On Wednesday we hosted a Macmillian Coffe Morning, so we got to eat a cake! also some of our parents joined us for lots of Autumn creative fun.

On Thursday we had more visitors for our open morning and the adults were very impressed with what great behaviour we demonstrated!

We have definitely earned a great restful weekend!


In Forest School we have been identifying trees by their leaves. We used natural resources to make self portraits and also worked together to build homes!

Autumn Term One Curriculum Letter

Early Years Curriculum/Outcomes