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Child Line Fund Raiser

Today Reception class took place in a Fund Raiser activity during our PE session. We were raising money for Child Line and children had been collecting sponsorship from friends and family to raise funds for this special charity. The children got ready in their PE kits and made their way into the hall for the event. They say patiently and listened to the rules of the game. One child would be in goal whilst another had a go at a penalty shoot- each child would have five goes at goal. After their go the children joined the rest of the spectators to cheer on the next child. After being in goal it was your turn to become the shooter! The children were excellent at taking turns and helping one another retrieve the ball. When on the spectators bench children encouraged one another and cheered each other on really well. It was a lovely experience for a great cause. Thank you to all the children's sponsors and a huge thank you to the children on taking part and being active.
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