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Song 1 - Sherwood Forest Song

Song 2 - Helping Hand

Song 3 - Men in Tights

Song 4 - He will be a hero

Song 5 - If we all work togehter

Song 6 - Singing all over the World

Song 7 - Men in Tights Reprise

Summer Newsletter - Class 5/6SB


Here is the Summer Term newsletter explaining what we will be learning in Class 5/6SB this term.


Here are the latest spelling homework lists - remember to bring your spelling book into class on Monday morning, please!


Five Minute Spot Light is an opportunity for the children to prepare and deliver a short presentation to the class on a topic of their choice.  Its purpose is to help the children develop confidence to speak to an audience in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.  Popular topic so far have been: a favourite holiday, a trip to London, and pets.

Here are the dates/children for the Summer Term:

Tuesday 5 April                 Tate

Tuesday 12 April                Jake

Tuesday 19 April                Josh C

Tuesday 26 April               Joe Y

Tuesday 3 May                   Tom


Tuesday 17 May                 Imogen

Tuesday 24 May                Seth


Tuesday 7 June                  Amber

Tuesday 14 June                Amaris

Tuesday 21 June               Jaydon

Tuesday 28 June               Sasha

Tuesday 5 July                   Logan 


If anyone is worried about their presentation, is a bit stuck thinking of an idea or would like some coaching or reassurance, then please don’t hesitate to let Mrs. Sykes know.





On Friday 11th March class 5/6 enjoyed a fantastic afternoon creating a Stadium during the Architecture Workshop. Bob taught the children how to make a triangular based pyramid using sticks and elastic bands and how to develop this in to the final structure.


Along the way, he discussed why triangular shapes are better than square shapes for building structures, got the children to create algebraic equations and set them a challenge of getting part of their roof structure off the floor by only using 6 sticks, 3 large and 3 small ones and rubber bands.


A great afternoon

Making our triangular based pyramid structures

The Next Phase - The Sides of the Structure

The Challenge - to get the structure off the floor by only using 3 small and 3 large sticks!

The Making of the Roof

The Final Phase - The Stadium is built



In science we have been investigating mechanical devices that can help us to transfer forces or motion. We have investigated how gears, pulleys & levers are simple machines, which can make it easier to transfer forces or motion.


The following photographs show the children experimenting with different gears and making their own pulley systems.



Class 5/6SB ran a Tins for Toys sale at school on Tuesday 1st March.  In R.E. the class had been learning  about 'A Fair World'.  As part of their work, the children empathised with homeless people and those going through 'tough times'.  So we decided to repeat Tins for Toys again this year.


The class asked for donations of toys from the rest of the school over a 6-week period.  Then on 1st March, they asked the whole school to bring in tins of food to donate in exchange for toys!  The sale was a tremendous success.


Proceeds of the food will be split between Leamington Night Shelter and the local Food Bank.


Class 5/6SB celebrating the huge amount of food donated through the Tins for Toys sale!


Welcome to Class 5/6SB.  Here are our class newsletter for the Autumn and Spring Terms together with our weekly timetable.

Our Class Rules - written and agreed by all the children, Mrs. Bryer, Mrs. Sykes and Mrs. Wines, too!