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World Book Day 2017

Kensington World Book Day 2017

Kensington World Book Day 2017 1

Some of the amazing outfits

The children enjoyed sharing their favourite books and characters.  Throughout the day they had a special assembly, produced a book review of their chosen book and discussed the author of their book. Lots of fun, thanks more making such an amazing effort Kensington!
Shrove Tuesday
The children had a fantastic Shrove Tuesday. They made and decorated pancakes, they learnt a poem and they wrote their own poems about pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday 1
 African Animal Acrostic Poems

The children have written some amazing Acrostic poems today.

Well done to all of the children.

Max B's poem about a hyena

Lottie's poem about a lion 

Daniel's poem about a leopard 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Handa's Surprise

Handa has 7 fruits in her basket. Today we tried the different fruit.

Some were sweet, some were sour and some were new tastes we hadn't tried before.


 "I like passion fruit." - Lacie


 "Mango is juicy and sweet" -  Gracie


"I enjoyed the pineapple." - Daniel


"I don't like the avocado it is slimy."


Over all our favourite fruit was banana and our favourite new fruit was mango.

Working together in Numeracy

Working together in Numeracy 1
Working together in Numeracy 2
Working together in Numeracy 3

Senses Walk

Senses Walk 1
Senses Walk 2
The children had a fantastic time on their senses walk.

Kensington Curriculum Letter to Parents

Our Class Rules:

  1. Put things on your peg.
  2. Don't run in the classroom.
  3. Have kind hands and feet.
  4. Listen to the teachers.
  5. Look after things in the classroom.
  6. Put your hand up and don't shout out.
  7. Don't go in other people's drawers.
  8. Ask an adult if you want to leave the room.
  9. Don't fight people.
  10. Make sure you tidy things up.
  11. Always listen to each other.
  12. Tuck your chairs in.
  13. Look after your own things.
  14. Be kind to each other.
  15. Have fun!