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Our trip to 'Bank on it'

On Wednesday 16th October we visited a secret location in Coventry. We entered the building to find what looked like a bank. Then different people started to arrive, wanting to use the cash machine or speak to the bank manager who was nowhere to be found. We watched as they searched everywhere for him and then entered a room. We watched again as the bank manager kept appearing and disappearing, eventually to arrive to say there was nothing in the bank. We then investigated six rooms, giving us important messages about how to save, not just money, but the whole planet. The seventh room was a magical wishing room and we were all given a penny to make a wish. We finished by writing down wishes for other people and were given another penny to pass onto someone else, so they could also share a wish. It was a wonderful performance, which the children all enjoyed very much. They all behaved beautifully and I was given many compliments about my class.
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