Emergency School Closures

Although this does not happen often, there are times when emergency school closures are necessary. For example, when there are adverse weather conditions or the school experiences a loss of power or water supply. We will of course make every effort to keep the school open and will only close if there is a health and safety risk to pupils in school or parents/staff travelling to and from home.

If the decision is made to close the school, then we will notify the Emergency School Closures website straight away. This is an excellent communication service for you to use. You can log into their website where schools that are closed are clearly listed. Or, parents can sign up to receive an automatic text message alert if the school is closed. This is an extremely efficient and quick messaging service to keep yourselves up to date.

To register for this service, visit Warwickshire School Closures - Warwickshire Country Council website; their website address is www.warwickshire.gov.uk/education- learning/emergency-school-closures

Step 1: Select Bishops Itchington Primary School on the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Send the following message to 074911 63840. Texts sent to this number are charged at your normal operator rate. 

Note - it is important that you include the word 'on' at the end of you message.

schclosures 9372014 on


When you have registered, you will receive a text message confirming your registration almost straight away. For the next year, you will be notified by text automatically if for any reason, the school has to close. [You will need to register again if you change your mobile phone number]. We will also leave a notification on the school website on the ‘News Headlines’ section on the front page. The website address is: www.bishopsitchington.com.