School Trips

At Bishops Itchington School, we are committed to providing trips for all of our children to give them additional experiences and cultural enrichment.  This greatly encourages the children's interests, skills and enthusiasm for their education and personal development.
Due to the difficult financial times we live in today, we have set a desired financial cap of around £15 on all day-trips per child - and sometimes the amount may be lower depending upon what the trip is and where it is.  The amount we ask for is always a voluntary contribution from parents.  Having said this, we do ask for voluntary contributions as our school budget is just not generous enough to offer the experiences we think the children should have. 
The cost of coach travel has absolutely rocketed since the cost-of-living crisis has taken hold, and there has been a staggering 40% increase in costs compared to this time last year!  For this reason, we organise trips to include two classes at a time to keep trips possible.  
However, we appreciate that some parents may find this cost difficult to meet and we always encourage our parents to contact us (in confidence) if they wish to have support with this or to have a payment plan if they prefer. Parents of children who have Pupil Premium Status (also known as Free School Meals) can ask the school to pay their contribution through their Pupil Premium fund by contacting our office.  This will always be handled confidentially. To keep the cost capped at £15 per trip, we may ask Friends of Bishops Itchington School (PTA), to subsidise the trip.
I hope this is useful and please let us know if there is anything further you wish to know.