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Paddy is all settled in the brooder! Enjoying some bread crumbs and water

Easter Fun 

Todag has been full of Easter fun. We stared our day with our Easter Bonnet Parade around the village, lots of friends and family joined us. When we returned to the class room something very egg...citing had happened. Our first chick had began to hatch. He is still pecking out of the shell and we thought we could call him Paddy fit St Patrick's Day! 

Spring Term One Letter

Diwali Food Tasting

As part of our learning this week we have been looking at the desert as well as India and as part of this we have looked at Diwali. The children tasted some indian foods today, we have a very mixed reaction to the foods but all of the children had a go!

Welly Walk

We have been very busy on our welly walk this morning! We have been helping to prepare our environment for our new forest area. We cleared the are and made leave piles, pulled out old fences, cleared away shrubs and planted some new trees that we can now watch grow.

Forest Clear out and Remembrance Day Silence

London Learning

We started of the new topic of Our World by learning about London- in particular the Great Fire Of London. The children really enjoyed learning about the real life event. As part of the learning we made some bread, as the fire started in the Bakers shop, we were careful to turn our oven off though! Thankfully.

We have also looked at information on Remembrance day as well as Bonfire night and the importance of fire safety.

Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Letter

Funny Bones and Autumn Fun!

This week we have been looking at the stories of funny bones. We have based our learning around these stories and discussed our favourite parts of the stories that we have watched and listened to. We have been counting funny bones characters and working on our number formation.


On Wednesday we invited parent into our classroom to join in with some Autumn creative fun. We all carved a pumpkin in school and we enjoyed exploring autumn smelling and coloured play dough. We also created scarecrows, leaf wreaths and enjoyed using cotton buds to paint autumn trees. We enjoyed showing our visitors our learning journals and environment.


On Tuesday we have decorated some cakes as Hedgehogs to share with our visitors and we also decorated gingerbread men to eat ourselves!!


Our Space Adventure continues...

This week we have been continuing to learn through the topic of space. We have thought about where we would like to go in space and what our own personal space adventures would be. We have enjoyed creating space portholes, rockets, space painting and fruit aliens. Some of us have created paper mache balloons that we hope to turn into planets. We have been learning lots of new sounds and also getting ourselves really good at careful counting and number recognition.


This week we began learning through the topic of space. We have enjoyed thinking about our own space journeys and making some fruit rockets. We have enjoyed looking at the story of Aliens Love Underpants.

On Wednesday we were contacted by some of the people who live in the village as they had seen and heard some strange goings on over night on the school field. The people also thought they had some underpants missing. On our welly walk we looked for clues and found that the aliens had been around. They had left marks of space dust on the field where they had landed two spaceships.

Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about ourselves. We have been on a listening welly walk, using our sense of hearing to see what sounds are around our environment. We used our sense of taste to try different fruits and vegetables and then discussed our likes and dislikes. We discussed our sense of smell and also used our sense of sight to see how our environment was changing as we enter the Autumn season. We have really enjoyed creating portraits of ourselves with different materials even some natural materials, labelling the parts of the body and decorating cakes to look like our faces thinking about our features, eye and hair colour. We have really enjoyed using our sense of touch to guess what is in boxes and using our fingers to write in different textures. In ICT we have been getting used to the computers and our mouse control is really coming on, we have created some lovely pictures of our self using ICT.


This week we had our first two PE sessions.

On Tuesday we had a go on the large apparatus and we LOVED it, we talked about how to be really safe when using the equipment.

On Thursday we had a go with lots of different pieces of equipment to perfect our skills in skipping, balancing, hula hooping, Throwing, catching, target shooting and football kicking!

We had a great time in PE and tried really hard getting dressed into our clothes all by ourselves!!



Super Hero Welly Walk

This week on our welly walk we were looking for super heroes that were busy doing their super things in our school environment.

We found lots of super heroes doing some really great things. Some were looking after tress and birds, others were guarding the gates or the children's classroom and keeping the busy bees children save, while others were looking out for people dropping litter on our school grounds.


Our first week of Reception Class!

This week we have been looking at Super heroes and getting to know each other and our new class. We enjoyed our first welly walk and making lots of Super Hero things.

Here is a little sneak into our lives as Reception big girls and boys!!