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As part of our Global Virtues Week in School we have:

  • Litter Picked
  • Made Mince Pie for the Homeless Shelter
  • Listen to information and asked questions about the Homeless Shelter
  • Thought about what we could and could not live without
  • Made appreciation cards for our families
  • Made Chritmas Cards for Firemen
  • Made card and christmas decorations for places our community such as the doctors, the school, the pub, the church and the hairdressers
  • Made Hedgehog Bread and Cakes to sell for the Hedgehog charity
  • Performed our first play to senior citizens
  • Had a go at Taekwondo



We loved bringing our teddies into school. We wrote about our teddies, write them and invitation to a party and then planned a party for them to com back to. We made and followed instructions to make sandwiches, we then went on a bear hunt with our bears! Finally we had a party with them. 



Library Visit

Library Visit 1

Ordinal Number Games

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